Designer label NORDENFELDT and Tarja announce collaboration

Designer label NORDENFELDT and Tarja announce collaboration

Designer label NORDENFELDT and Tarja announced collaboration today.
As a part of this, the young designer label NORDENFELDT will not only be providing clothes, accessoires and shoes for Tarja, but also design an exclusive stage outfit for her next album artwork.
Tarja who is famous for her voice and her combination of various music styles, is also a fashion icon. Tarja fascinates especially on stage with her elegant, but also extravagant clothes.
“Music is the main part of my performance, but every musician knows that there is also visual part of music, especially on stage. I am always trying to find clothes for this visual aspect that are special, but that also represent me and my style. Therefore NORDENFELDT fits perfectly.“

The young design label NORDENFELDT, founded by German-Finnish designer Julia Trompert, wants to provide functional, though fashionable clothes that combine a strong sense of creativity, innovation and strive for the ideal.

With their first collections the label got attention from various media and the fashion scene. The focus of NORDENFELDT is to embody armour for the city by recapturing the essence of mythical Nordic era. The designer explains the decision for the collaboration with Tarja: “Next to being an incredible artist, Tarja Turunen embodies the mysterious aura and the style of our designs. She needs wearable outfits, especially on stage, that still look elegant and have an extravagant twitch. That is exactly what NORDENFELDT wants to create for its customers.”
The creation of an outfit for the singer was also an inspiration for the designer.

“Creating fashion is an on-going process. You can get input from every aspect in your life. When Tarja asked us to design an outfit for her, my answer was a straight “yes” and the ideas came immediately; we only had to take the necessities into consideration that arise when she will be performing in that outfit.”


NORDENFELDT was founded in 2008 by designer Julia Trompert.

Her seductive designs are elegant, strong and mysterious.

The label offers an exclusive range of clothes and accessories that combines sophistication and elegance with extravagant elements. High quality materials, intriguing patterns and refined details make NORDENFELDT essential in the modern Hero’s armor.

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10823 Berlin, Germany
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