Tarja and Väisänen Design collaboration

Tarja has started a collaboration with the Kuopio-based jewelry company Väisänen Design. Tarja will be seen wearing Väisänen Design jewelry in The Voice of Finland Senior this spring.
Väisänen Design designs and manufactures hand-crafted jewelry, unprejudiced combining precious metals and 3D-printed polyamide, sometimes with a twisted sense of humor. The
combination of polyamide, precious metals is hardly seen in jewelry.

“We have had no limits on how seriously things should be taken and no need to be too serious.
In the same sales pitch, we can sell a golden ring that has a polyamide rose and diamonds,
worth thousands of euros, and jewelry made of plywood with twisted humor. Products can be of
high quality even though they are not always so stiff and formal”, Väisänen Design’s
entrepreneurs Heli Väisänen and Eilis Aleksi Väisänen, also known as the designer of Lumoava
jewelry, say.

“The collaboration with Tarja seemed natural from the beginning. At the time when the Ruusu
ring was created we thought that Tarja was one of the people on whose finger we could imagine
it. Bold, beautiful and with a lot of attitudes. Ruusu and Tarja, both! ” Heli Väisänen says.

Tarja immediately fell in love with the jewelry: “This jewelry is a breath of fresh
air in the field of fashion and design. It is not only beautiful and high-quality, but also surprising,
fun and demanding a bold attitude! We have a common vision of how we want to be an example
to people be bold, just the way you want to be!”

Väisänen Design was founded in Kuopio in 2017 by designer Eelis Aleksi Väisänen and Heli
Väisänen, PhD. You can check their complete info and collection at https://vaisanen.design/

The collaboration between Tarja and Väisänen Design will benefit Tarja’s fans as well, as
the fans will receive a 10 % discount on Väisänen Design web store, with the discount code