Living the Dream – Summer 2024 – Support Act

We are glad to announce the band that will support Tarja on some the shows for the Summer:


With powerful vocals, progressive lyrics and heavy and futuristic guitars, Aaetheria takes listeners to the stars. Aaetheria’s debut single dropped August 11, 2023.

Aaetheria is the lead singer and has looked up to many European bands as she came from a Swiss German heritage and was born and raised in New England in the USA. Aaetheria began her career as a songwriter and was signed to Spirit Music group in Nashville from2021-2023. She formed Aaetheria in early 2022, after auditioning for a project in the NYC area with former members of touring symphonic metal bands.


Red is the lead guitarist of Aaetheria and is currently sponsored by Aurora strings and Acoustic Attak. Red has been a touring guitarist in Nashville for some time now before joining forces with lead singer Aaetheria in 2023.


Code is the drummer behind the project who has played at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN and been an international touring musician since the mid 2010s.  Tech is the 5 string bassist who also writes with Aaetheria and Red and began his career in the metal scene in the NYC area writing for other artists and touring.


Aaetheria’s debut single, “ The Fallen” was written after reflecting on what it feels like to be human in 2023 and echoes all the fear, angst and uncertainty of this Earthly existence. Drawing influences from Starset, 30 seconds to mars, Within Temptation , Amaranthe and Bad Omens, Aaetheria has developed their own unique sound while crediting artists who have greatly inspired them.

Aaetheria plans to travel on a United States tour in 2023-2024 and release more singles from their first album. Aaetheria aims to transcend the matrix and take fans with them to the future.

Aaetheria will support Tarja in:

June 13th, 2024: Yerevan, Armenia – Platform

June 15th, 2024: Limassol, Cyprus – Opus

June 17th, 2024: Tiblisi, Georgia – Mono Hall

June 19th, 2024: Almaty, Kazakhstan – Almaty Ayendei

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