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Outlanders / Outlanders (feat. Walter Giardino)
Outlanders / Outlanders (Versione Italiana) (feat. Walter Giardino)

Released on September 15th, 2023

Vocals Tarja
Programming Torsten
Guitars Walter Giardino
Recorded and engineered at English Harbour Studios & Embassy Studio Antigua & Barbuda by Torsten Stenzel
Vocals and spoken text recorded by Torsten Stenzel at Enlglish Harbour Studios Antigua & Barbuda
Guitars recorded by Mario Altamirano at Estudio Sonata and co-produced by Tarja, Walter and MIC

Produced and mixed by Torsten Stenzel, Tarja & MIC
Co-produced by Mike Oldfield
Mastered by Tom Porcell Mastering
Executive Producer Marcelo Cabuli for NEMS Enterprises SRL
Art Direction Tarja & MIC
Antigua & Barbuda Photographs by Alexis Andrews
Artwork by Sebastian Freimauer
Album recorded and mixed using Genelec Studio Monitors