Raw Tour 2021: Special Guests and Support Acts

We are very excited to present the bands that will join Tarja during the February Raw Tour leg!

The February leg will have a very Special Guest: Temperance will join Tarja for the whole run!

The February 2021 shows will have Serpentyne and Beneath The Embers as Opening Acts. Welcome!

Here are the dates:

February 4th, 2021: Glasgow, UK – Garage. Temperance / Beneath The Embers

February 6th, 2021: Manchester, UK – Academy 2. Temperance / Beneath The Embers

February 7th, 2021: London, UK – Electric Ballroom. Temperance / Beneath The Embers

February 8th, 2021: Paris, France – La Cigale. Temperance / Beneath The Embers

February 10th, 2021: Strasbourg, France – La Laiterie. Temperance / Serpentyne

February 11th, 2021: Marseille, France – Espace Julien. Temperance / Serpentyne

February 12th, 2021: Milan, Italy – Live Club. Temperance / Serpentyne

February 14th, 2021: Lyon, France – Transbordeur. Temperance / Serpentyne

February 15th, 2021: Barcelona, Spain – Apolo. Temperance / Serpentyne

TEMPERANCE is where exceptional vocal melodies, energetic Metal guitar riffing and symphonic atmospheres meet in perfect harmony. Led by a unique vocal triad, TEMPERANCE manages to unite heaviness with an impressive level of catchy melodies that will make you want to push the repeat button instantly. Different from most Symphonic Metal bands, TEMPERANCE brings together no less than three vocalists, all adding their own style and flavor to the ensemble. The combination of Alessia Scolletti’s crystalline voice, the strong timbre of Michele Guaitoli and the rough vocals of mastermind and guitarist Marco Pastorino, makes TEMPERANCE stand out completely. With Millions of Youtube views, hymns as ‘The Last Hope In A World Of Hopes’ or ‘Of Jupiter And Moons’ seem to prove that point.

After building up with 4 albums released in the past 5 years, TEMPERANCE is now all set to join the premier league, releasing their upcoming album worldwide via Napalm Records in the winter of 2020!

For those who can’t wait, the band’s latest album ‘Of Jupiter and Moons’ is still fresh and full of powerful Metal masterpieces. You might be surprised to find more songs stuck in your head!

‘Of Jupiter And Moons’ was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, EPICA, Amaranthe), with the cover artwork by Yann Souetre (Ayreon) and the official photoset by Tim Tronckoe (Nightwish, Ghost). TEMPERANCE clearly is ready to spread their energy all over the world!

For more information on TEMPERANCE, please visit:

Website: www.temperanceband.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/temperanceofficial

Instagram: www.instagram.com/temperanceofficial

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0WHhPa7TmqQASabtpYsa5J?si=7mQQ37l4SnS04dmDnDtg0w

Serpentyne are a British symphonic metal band with influences ranging from cinematic to Celtic music. 
Their sound blurs musical boundaries; melodic, yet raw and aggressive. 

To learn more about SERPENTYNE please visit:

Website: www.serpentyne.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Serpentyneofficial

Instagram: www.instagram.com/serpentyneofficial

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Serpentynemusic

Youtube: www.youtube.com/serpentynemusic

Beneath The Embers fully established themselves in 2016 when singer/songwriter Lewis Roland met lead guitarist Clint Bredin in a random chain of events on musical social media. Fuelled by a mutual interest in the heavier elements of Metal music and a desire to write, Lewis was invited to hook up with the remainder of the band where the group immediately started to write original material. It wasn’t long before an independent record deal was secured with Oakfield Records and studio recording on the debut EP began. “It was pretty clear right away that the band just clicked and we were onto something” *says Lewis. “Me and Clint found writing together easy and the time was just right for all of us to now pursue our common goal.”*

The eclectic influences from each member has created a collaboration where Clint’s ferocious riffs, with a nod to the old school are framed perfectly by the raw power and speed of the band’s exceptionally tight rhythm section. With Quentin Radburn on rhythm guitar, Liam Gloster on bass and Spencer Churchill driving the band’s pacy groove on drums, the sound is showcased excellently by frontman Lewis’s vocal ability to deliver brutal verses and catchy choruses. The band’s breakdowns contrast the faster sections flawlessly where you can’t help but bang your head to all of it. When asked about the band’s sound, Spence stated, “We write material we enjoy playing; the music will then be what it is and hopefully people like it as much as we do.”

With the release of their debut EP Ashes in 2017, Beneath The Embers have their sights set firmly on cementing a fan base throughout 2018/19. “Recording is one thing but delivering a confident and credible performance with music people want to hear is something else” says Clint.

For more information on BENEATH THE EMBERS, please check:

Website: www.beneathembers.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/beneathembers

Instagram: www.instagram.com/beneathembers

Twitter: www.twitter.com/beneathembers