Tarja Turunen is starring the Paulo Coelho Day

Tarja Turunen is starring the Paulo Coelho Day

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Tarja Turunen presents a new, Paulo Coelho inspired song Outlanders at Paulo Coelho Day on Nov 26t at Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, Kamppi centre.  The free event is organized by Bazar Kustannus together with Suomalainen kirjakauppa.
Paulo Coelho has inspired Tarja Turunen to compose a new song called Outlanders. The song will be presented to the public for the first time at the Paulo Coelho Day. Mr Lauri Salovaara is interviewing Tarja Turunen at 12.30 and 2 pm.  The song is about the secrecy of each exact moment, the importance of enjoying life as its full every day. The extracts are taken from Coelho’s books: Alkemisti, Piedrajoen rannalla istuin ja itkin and Elämä.

Outlanders gave also the name for a new project of Tarja Turunen and the German producer Torsten Stenzel. The project has brought together people who have found their homes outside their native countries. Tarja now lives in Argentina, Torsten in the Caribbean, guest guitarist Walter Giardino was born in Argentina, but now lives in Spain. Paulo Coelho has also moved from his native country. Co-operation has created music, and the first song was named after the band, Outlanders.

Brazilian Paulo Coelho (b. 1947) best-known works include The Pilgrimage, The Alchemist and Eleven Minutes. Coelho’s books are published in 73 languages to 168 countries and has already sold over 135 000 000. The author was appointed as the UN’s peace envoy in 2007.