Camera Friendly + Live Photo Gallery

Camera Friendly + Live Photo Gallery

All the shows included in Colours In The Dark Tour were declared “camera friendly”, which means that you are welcome to bring your photo camera and take as many pictures as you wish.
This is with the exception of gigs in festivals, where you will have to ask to the organization of the festival about their camera policy for we can not exceed the regulations established by them.

Live Photo Gallery

Did you take pictures of Tarja’s live shows? Do you want your photos displayed in our official Live Show Photo Gallery?

Send us your favourite shots from Tarja’s shows to [email protected]

E-mail your photos to us (72 dpi) without any watermarks and please include date and city of the concert and your full name. We will keep the right to select the ones that will be displayed online.

By sending the E-mail you agree to the following:


I hereby authorize to use my photographs (as a whole or portions thereof in unchanged or adapted form, e.g. changed photographically or on the computer, coloured, touched up, etc. in any possible way and in any technical form) that I took during a show of Tarja Turunen without any fee or compensation of any kind for the purpose of using in the Photo Gallery to be included in and/or any official page or official social media from Tarja Turunen. Therefore, I transfer all exploitation rights concerning the photographs chosen for the Photo Gallery, exclusive and transferable, with no restrictions in content, time or place to

I warrant that I am the sole holder of all rights transferred by this declaration and that I have not transferred them to a third party before having them uploaded into the website. I warrant that I have not adapted the work of third parties for the photo, or if I have that I have acquired all of the rights hereto and that I am entitled to transfer these to I release from all third-party or co-author claims. will credit me as the photographer in the Photo Gallery.